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In 1960, Gil and Esther Reinke and son Gary moved their flower business from the city to semi-rural Muskego, WI, where they built a new greenhouse on a 19 acre farm. In the fall of 1960 when Gary was entering college, Gil bought 3 registered Polled Herefords from Laurence Holmes of Oconomowoc, WI, a bred cow with a heifer calf at side and a bred heifer. Gary showed the mellow dispositioned Polled Hereford heifer to a blue ribbon at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair and also happened to stand 22nd out of 22 with an Angus steer that was aptly named “Rebel”. Guess which breed the Reinkes decided to raise?!

The Reinkes were joined by two sons of family friends, Al Wollenzien, an experienced 4-H showman and ag student, and Alan Brunner, a total novice who was a fast learner. They wanted to have a name when showing at 5 county fairs and State Fair and the name Gari-Alan Farm was born. After the Alans moved on, the Reinkes decided to keep the name since they had become known that way.

Gary and Marilynn were married in 1964 and purchased in 1968 the present farm near I-94 and Hwy 26 east of Johnson Creek. Gary and Marilynn have been blessed with one daughter Rachelanne, and three sons, Matthew, David and Nathan as well as eight grandchildren. The farm is 80 acres with another 80 or so of work land and lowland pasture rented from neighbors. We could tell you a lot of stories from the past 50 years, but we wouldn’t have enough room for them on this website.